Loch View Lodge

Terms and Conditions

A warm welcome awaits you at Loch View Lodge. To help make the most of your stay, please take the time to read carefully through the terms and conditions.

A full welcome pack including details of the lodge, the surrounding area and amenities to explore, is available for you to read through at your leisure on arrival. You will find this in the study.

We trust you will have a lovely and relaxing visit and wish you a very happy holiday in beautiful Perthshire.

Occupancy and Duration of your Let.

​Loch View Lodge will be available to you from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival to 11 a.m. on the day of departure, unless agreed otherwise with us. Keys will be available from a secure box at the front of the property. The code for this will be provided upon receipt of full payment. Keys to be deposited in the secure box upon departure.

Cancellation Policy.

​All deposits are non returnable. However we realise that we all lead busy lives and that plans can change. If you cancel before full payment is made, then we can either reschedule your stay to another date (if available), or the deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel after full payment has been made, 50% of the booking fee plus the damage deposit will be returned, unless another booking for those dates can be secured in which case we will consider refunding more of your payment.

We recommend that you take out your own cancellation insurance to cover the cost of your accommodation should you be unable to stay for reasons beyond your control.

In the highly unlikely event that we are unable to fulfil our commitment to this contract, we will attempt to offer you alternative accommodation (if available and suitable). If this is not acceptable then full refund will be made to you.


​Well behaved pets are welcome. Pets are not permitted in the carpeted areas of the lodge (hall and bedrooms). If pets are found to have been in these areas a deduction will be taken from the damage deposit to cover the costs of additional cleaning.


​You will find a bin in the kitchen area and bin bags are provided. When full these should be tied up and placed in the skip behind the owners house. Please do not throw any rubbish (e.g. sweet wrappings or crisp packets) into the loch.


​Smoking is not permitted at any time within the confines of the lodge. Please do not throw cigarette ends or matches into the loch and use the bin  provided.


​We are confident that you will have a memorable and magical stay at Loch View. As a cherished guest we would be delighted to offer you a 5% discount for any repeat bookings.

Last updated December 2015.